Who We Are

In a nation of over 5 million people, Deeper Christian Life Ministry is committed to delivering the virtues of the Holy Bible; preaching, practicing and applying the word of God daily to influence righteous and holy living in Scotland.

We are guided by the principles of the 66 books of the bible that direct us through our daily dealings with everyone we meet and instruct us on our responsibilities in every community we find ourselves in.

As a Scottish charity, we are not only involved in teaching the depths of the bible to the public but also give support in child training, people development and community development services. We invite you to join us in our various programs and share in our joyous and peaceful experiences.

Our Values & Beliefs

In today’s world, the truth is scarce albeit still available but only for a willing soul to discover. We are guided by principles that are not based on knowledge but rather the experience of God’s  own faithfulness. Find these treasures and enjoy supernatural pleasure forever

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Watch refreshing worship and study sessions as well as soul-stirring, power-packed special revival services.


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Regional Overseer's Outlines

Get the latest sermon outlines from the regional overseer.


Join the band of joyful people and experience the awesome power of God through faith in Christ. You are welcome to participate in our groups, projects and services while growing to understand the purpose and the will of God in your life.

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